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Restaurant ADMIRAL Yi
Western restaurant ADMIRAL Yi
The western restaurant, ‘ONSAEMIRO’ presents a great harmony of Korean traditional theme and modern western cuisine.
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We would like to express our gratitude to you who have shown love and appreciationfor our Commodore buffet restaurant.
Starting from October 29th, the Commodore buffet will be available in Casual Dining Style

“Onsaemiro Dining Lounge”- A new, warm restaurant dining experience

Featured will be our new executive chef’s own a la carte menu with wonderful seasonal dishes.
We will also have a quality salad bar containing only the freshest ingredients.
Onsaemiro, you can enjoy our wonderful salad bar whatever foods you order.

We will continue in our goal to provide excellence and quality in food and service.
We invite you to come enjoy our cordial dining room.

From an old Korean saying:
Like the warmth found in nature - “Onsaemiro” - “Always Constant”
Location 1F
Seats 144seats
Business hours Breakfast 07:00~10:00 (Breakfast Buffet)
Lunch 12:00~14:30 (Last order 14:00)
Dinner 18:00~21:30 (Last order 21:00)
Reservation +82(0)51-461-9743

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