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About Hotel 호텔소개
호텔소개 호텔소개 호텔소개
introduction commodore
Where beautiful night scenery of
Busan Port
can be observed in
a panoramic view
With antique Korean exterior and a harmony of modern and traditional design, Commodore Hotels offer you the best quality of facilities and services. Based on our customers’ long-term trust and our impressive services, we hope to share beautiful moments with you.
A hotel with
the best Korean

architectural design
The beautiful Korean architectural exterior, murals of Gyeongbokgung (palace) and tales, and sophisticated Dancheong wood painting technique will make you feel like living in a palace of Joseon Dynasty. We invite you on this exclusive experience in a traditional atmosphere.
The management philosophy resembling the leadership of
Admiral Yi, Soon-shin
The word, ‘Commodore’ means a commander and admiral. We took this name to commemorate Admiral Yi, Soon-shin, who had defended Busan in chaotic era from countless foreign invasions. We share the same management philosophy with Admiral Yi, who showed a great example of innovative strategies and a humble leadership. We will always do our best to comfort you with a prudent care.

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