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lobby lounge THE YEAR OF HORSE
Relaxation with sweet live melodies
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You can relax and enjoy the warm sunshine through the wide windows and mural paingting in a tumulus in the Lobby rounge 'The Year of Horse'.

You can enjoy a cup of tea and relax in the cozy bar in the lobby lounge 'The Year of Horse', and it takes you back in that time. The lobby lounge 'The Year of Horse' is named after to commemorate Admiral Sun-shin Lee's victory in the battel of Danghangpo in 1594, which was the year of the horse.

The lobby lounge 'The Year of Horse' still remember the history of Admiral Sun-shin Lee and that will make you feel special.
Location 1F
Seats 80seats
Business hours 10:00~23:00(Monday~Sunday)
Reservation +82(0)51-461-9745~6

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